Extension and renovation of Niemenranta School - Interior Design

A two-storey elementary school extension was implemented in the Niemenrantatalo building in Oulunsalo. The artistic and practical subjects facilities, language teaching, staff facilities and basic education teaching facilities for 225 students were relocated to the new building. The interior design of the building included the design of surface materials and fixtures.

City of Oulu
the share of the renovation 1227 m²(gross), the extension 1772 m²(gross), total 2949 m²(gross)
Niemenrannan koulun laajennus, opetustila.

A harmonious combination of brick and wood

The oak ceiling panels and dark grey cast floors used in the old building were also incorporated into the design of the new extension to create a sense of unity. The students’ need to work on the floor and the schools on the move principle were taken into account in the design of the basic education facilities, which is why a soft, comfortable textile was selected as the floor material. An easy-to-clean and durable cast floor was selected for the artistic and practical subjects facilities.

The aim was to separate the new extension from the main building with a different colour scheme, and in addition to the bright accent colours of the main building, muted colours were selected for the extension. The Desert Bazaar colour scheme, chosen by users, contains four light and delightful sunburnt colours: turquoise, pistachio green, yellow and terracotta. These were mainly used in floor textile tiles, cast floor areas and some laminates between fixtures.

In the basic education facilities, all material and supplies storage was grouped to one wall, so that the rest of the furniture in the room could be moved around flexibly. A set of whiteboards with included storage space for teaching materials and various compartments was designed for the rooms. The wall surfaces were kept a calm white while the warm tone of the oak ceiling panels is repeated in the oak-coloured doors of the fixtures, creating a harmonious whole.


Olli Hongisto
Sini Räikkä
Ilmari Teperi
Niko Liias
Joona Koskelo
Henri Kangas
Liisa Kärki
Henry Kouva
Tea Kemppainen
Riina Marjomaa

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