Savilahti Campus - Interior Design

Savilahti Campus brings together students from a variety of fields and offers modern premises for learning, regardless of field of study.



Savo Consortium for Education, Kuopio
30876 m²(gross)
Savilahden kampus, ruokala, näyttävät mustat pilarit ja näkymä kerrosten välillä.

Vocational studies in several fields in a modern environment

The new campus in Savilahti, Kuopio, consists of three new buildings: Valo, Virta and Voima. The buildings are also connected to the Vire building located in Novapolis.

Thanks to the wide range of study fields, there was a variety of facilities to be planned, including a hairdressing salon, electrical installation laboratory, store, cellulose laboratory, teaching kitchens and nursing facilities. The uniform and peaceful colour scheme of the interior is the factor that binds all the spaces together: concrete and brick, neutral shades, wooden patterns to soften the look and a touch of black to add definition.

The heart of the campus is the two-storey restaurant complex in the Virta building. It brings students and staff together and, as the building’s name suggests, provides energy for the day ahead with, for example, porridge, coffee or lunch.


Kati Kaukonen
Saara Valkama
Laura Sorri
Valtteri Alakärppä
Hanna Huhta
Elena Pennie
Sanni Leinonen
Heini Kaskela
Kaisu Vasara
Tuure Kinnunen
Aino Löfbacka
Joona Koskelo
Simo Rasmussen
Helena Tasa

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