Kaari Hospital and Renovation of Puijo Hospital- Part 1, Kuopio University Hospital

The Kaari Hospital is a new section of Puijo Hospital. The hospital’s core functions are surgery activities, the maternity ward and the intensive care wards. Outpatient clinics and support services supplement these activities.

Hospital District of Northern Savo, Kuopio
New building 35 750 brm², Renovated section 18 075 brm²
KYS Kaarisairaala ja Puijon sairaalan peruskorjausvaihe 1, Jaana Partasen graafinen taideteos “Evoluutio” julkisivussa.

Efficient and functional facilities for demanding medical care

The new hospital places mutually supportive care processes close to each other in order to use space more efficiently and enhance the hospital’s activities.

A comprehensively renovated section in the immediate vicinity of the extension contains the surgical unit, pathology, heart centre, laboratory and outpatient clinics.


Antti Kinnunen
Merja Pesonen
Päivi Heikkilä
Tiina Komulainen
Teemu Leppälä
Anna Lohilahti
Tea Kemppainen
Ulla-Maija Aarnio
Marita Välikangas
Jenni Riikonen
Petri Pettersson
Henry Kouva
Anna-Riikka Tiainen


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