Central Hospital of Päijät-Häme, Stage 6

Phase 6 of the construction of the Central Hospital of Päijät-Häme includes a comprehensive renovation of the heart centre and the physical therapy ward.


Päijät-Häme Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services, Lahti
New construction 6844 m², Renovated section 4893 m² (gross)
Päijät-Hämeen keskussairaalan aula ja vastaanotto.

New premises support efficient processes and staff cooperation

The heart centre houses the cardiac procedures unit, including postoperative care wards, the cardiac outpatient clinic, and the clinical physiology laboratory. The physical therapy ward provides specialist appointments, physiotherapy and functional therapy services for the various specialisations in the hospital.


Marita Välikangas
Mirja Merikari
Henry Kouva
Tea Kemppainen
Tellervo Karinsalo
Anna Lohilahti
Timo Leiviskä
Sari Isola-Mäläskä
Pekka Lukkaroinen


Alikonsultti, Sisustusarkkitehtitoimisto Ervasti Ky

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