Care Centre for the Developmentally Disabled "Konsti"

At the Centre of Excellence for demanding specialist services, people of all ages with severe learning disorders and developmental disabilities are studied, evaluated and rehabilitated.


Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, Oulu
4200 m²
Vaativien erityispalveluiden osaamiskeskus Konsti, julkisivu, puuverhoiltu sisäänkäyntikatos talvella.

Cosy and accessible premises

The reception facilities and some of the staff areas were placed on the first floor in order to minimise the building’s footprint and preserve as many of the old trees in the yard as possible. Staff can move smoothly between the floors via the internal staircase in the multimodal working area in the centre of the building.

The design aimed for a homely feel. The spaces, colours and environment guide people’s behaviour and contribute to rehabilitation. The use of the building places requirements on the premises in terms of unobstructed access and excellent durability.


Simo Rasmussen
Anna Lohilahti
Marita Välikangas
Teemu Pulkkinen
Laura Ainali-Karjalainen
Merja Pesonen
Ulla-Maija Aarnio
Harri Ryynänen
Johanna Kangas
Petri Pettersson

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